Bayanalysis Digital It provides social media services, including advertisements, designs, and sponsorships, across various social platforms.

a) What types of social media services does Bianalysys Digital provide?

1- Executive social media services

2- Social media management services

3- Social media advisory services

b) What is the difference between the aforementioned social media services?

Like others, the social media services provided by Bayanalysis Digital are divided into several forms, including implementation services, in which pages are prepared and launched via Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or Tik Tok, as well as advertising campaigns outside or within the various pages, and providing content and designs From photos, videos and other types of content.

Administrative social media services differ from the executive, in the area of ​​interaction and follow-up with followers or customers, via messenger and comments on different pages, in addition to serving ads and content as well.

While the social media advisory service is centered around providing advice related to an advertising plan, launching a product or service via social, or the appropriate content, and everything related to social media, but in an advisory form only, not executive, where the decision is for those who manage the page.

It is also possible to get all three services together

c) What are the areas available to provide the social media service in?

Social media services are provided for various types of personal or corporate pages, commercial or service, profit and non-profit.

d) What channels and platforms does digital marketing cover?

Our social media includes all the famous platforms and others, including, for example:

1- Facebook

2- Twitter

3- Snapchat

4- Youtube

5- Tik Tok

6- WhatsApp

7- Instagram

8- LinkedIn

e) What countries are covered by the service?

Advertising services are provided in all countries around the world, specifically the Arab countries.

Why Bayanalysis Digital?

Your arrival here means that we have been able to reach you through one of the advertising and targeting platforms, and this is what we will do with your customers, we will reach them to offer them your services, as we have reached you.

Bianalysses welcomes your requests, questions and comments.. To contact us, please contact us through one of these two official mailers only, knowing that we do not have any other e-mails without them until now.


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