Bayanalysis Digital It helps you to launch into the world of e-commerce, through a number of different mechanisms and plans.

a) What types of e-commerce services does Bianalysis Digital offer?

1- Design, construction and implementation services for the online store

2- Advertising and launching services for the online store

3- Management and sponsorship services for e-commerce

4- E-commerce consulting services

b) What is the difference between the aforementioned e-commerce services?

Bayanalysis Digital services in e-commerce differ, according to the needs of the institution or the customer, through 4 different types, which can be obtained together or obtain one of them.

These services begin with the design of the online store, and the implementation of all the digital factors that it needs to be ready to launch via the Internet, without encountering any technical problems later, or in the buying and selling processes.

While the second service is to promote the store and the goods or services it contains, through various channels of social media, e-mail, search engines, advertising networks, and undertake the tasks of design, programming, writing and others, if needed.

Other customers or companies need us to take over the entire management process, from the sale to the completion of the process and the arrival of the product to the buyer, and even more than that, to provide full care and support through the various  Bayanalysis Digitamechanisms and electronic platforms, and this is the third type of our services.

The last type of services comes in the form of consultations, and the consulting process differs from management in the decision only, where the final decision is made by the person in charge of the administration and who bears the consequences of this decision, while the task of the consultant is to clarify the picture, develop alternatives and better solutions, and warn of errors and dark ways, Providing support in all its forms.

d) What types of e-commerce are offered?

E-commerce services include:

1- B2C e-commerce

2- B2B e-commerce

3- Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce C2C

4- Consumer e-commerce for the company C2B

5- E-commerce from companies or individuals to governments B2A or C2A

6- Commercial mediation between different parties or various countries.

e) What countries are covered by the service?

Advertising services are provided in all countries around the world, specifically the Arab countries.

Why Bayanalysis Digital?

Your arrival here means that we have been able to reach you through one of the advertising and targeting platforms, and this is what we will do with your customers, we will reach them to offer them your services, as we have reached you.

Bianalysses welcomes your requests, questions and comments.. To contact us, please contact us through one of these two official mailers only, knowing that we do not have any other e-mails without them until now.


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