Bayanalysis Digital It provides a number of digital marketing services and e-marketing, whether in the form of an executive, managerial or advisory. We enjoy an all-inclusive package, individually or as a total, according to the customer's need. This package covers any field and the most appropriate channels and platforms.

a) What types of digital marketing services does Bianalysys Digital offer?

1- Executive Digital Marketing Services

2- Administrative Digital Marketing Services

3- Digital Marketing Consulting Services

b) What is the difference between the aforementioned digital marketing services?

Executive digital marketing services express the direct implementation of all the customer’s digital needs, from design, writing, advertising and programming, according to his own management vision, Bayanalysis Digital’s mission depends on achieving success for the mission with the best performance, the least time and the cost.

The administrative digital marketing service includes the pre-executive stage, in addition to planning the method and relativeness of the different channels. From distributing money and time, setting the strategy and the full vision of marketing, for example, choosing the most appropriate programming for the field, methods of spreading through search engines or social media, determining the priority and launch time for each channel, etc.

The digital marketing advisory service is like any consultancy service in any sector, but here you will be in the marketing sector, and through it we will not lead the implementation processes, but Bayanalysis Digital indicates to the decision makers the interfaces, the rationale, and the most appropriate way to spread, achieve sales and build the brand

c) What are the areas available to provide the digital marketing service in?

Digital and electronic marketing services are provided in all fields, and in all sizes of institutions, according to what the customer needs, whether the field is real estate, cars, e-commerce, news newspaper, digital currencies, tourism, health and other fields that are not mentioned, as well as support and implementation for other digital marketing companies.

d) What channels and platforms does digital marketing cover?

Our digital marketing includes all popular platforms and others, including for example:

1- Designing websites, e-stores and applications

2- Writing digital content of all kinds

3- Configure the free search engines SEO and Aso

4- Paid ads via search engines sem

5- Social media

6- Advertising across platforms and ad networks

7- Email Marketing

8- Marketing via WhatsApp

e) What countries are covered by the service?

Advertising services are provided in all countries around the world, specifically the Arab countries.

Why Bayanalysis Digital?

Your arrival here means that we have been able to reach you through one of the advertising and targeting platforms, and this is what we will do with your customers, we will reach them to offer them your services, as we have reached you.

Bianalysses welcomes your requests, questions and comments.. To contact us, please contact us through one of these two official mailers only, knowing that we do not have any other e-mails without them until now.


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