Bayanalysis Digital It offers advertisements through various channels, whether social media or Google, on its various platforms, such as search engines, e-mail, and intermediary sites, or even through YouTube, and many other channels.

a) What advertising services does Bayanalysis Digital provide?

1- Market study services, competitors and customers

2- Ads implementation services "design - billing - publishing - reviewing - modification"

3- Advertising consulting services

b) What is the difference between the above advertising services?

Advertising services vary according to the stage that the client wants, and Bayanalysis Digital can handle all or one of the stages according to the client’s desire.

Advertising services begin with the stage of studying the market and target customers in the sales of products or services that the advertiser wants to reach, and then studying the competitors. These studies help to understand the image more deeply and define the target effectively, thus making the most of the advertising value and time.

The second stage is the implementation of the advertisement, optimally or according to the customer’s desire, and the advertisement stage consists of several mini-stages, starting with the stage of advertisement design, whether the design of the content from a targeted advertising message, the visual design of a video or image, or the design of the various stages on which the advertisement is built, Followed by the billing stage, in which the most appropriate price value for the advertisement is determined to bypass competitors and at the same time to achieve the best value. Then comes the stage of publishing and following up on the effectiveness of the advertisement, with the target audience, and then reviewing if anything new occurs in the desired results, which is followed by the amendment according to what the advertisement needs.

There is another stage offered by Bayanalysis Digital, which is the stage of advertising consultancy, where many sellers of goods and services undertake the advertising process themselves, starting from the study and passing through the implementation, but he encounters many obstacles or has doubts about the effectiveness of the procedures and visions he took and observed, so many people need Helping decision makers in the appropriate interfaces, recitals, and review methods for the advertising campaigns that have been planned.

c) What channels and platforms are covered by advertisements?

Some of the platforms on which advertisements are published:

1- Facebook pages 2- SEM search engines 3- Applications 4- Intermediate sites via ad networks 5- Youtube 6- Twitter 7- Snapchat 8- WhatsApp 9- LinkedIn 10- Tik Tok 11- Email 12- Instagram

e) What countries are covered by the service?

Advertising services are provided in all countries around the world, specifically the Arab countries.

Why Bayanalysis Digital?

Your arrival here means that we have been able to reach you through one of the advertising and targeting platforms, and this is what we will do with your customers, we will reach them to offer them your services, as we have reached you.

Bianalysses welcomes your requests, questions and comments.. To contact us, please contact us through one of these two official mailers only, knowing that we do not have any other e-mails without them until now.


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